This unique wine tasting experience is based on sensory appreciation rather than just facts and fancy adjectives. Mindful wine tastings is all about appreciation.
Through mindfulness we can practice this appreciation by engaging all of our senses to experience wine as it is received; by the eyes, the nose and the mouth. It will be an insightful, fun and relaxing session that will offer a taste of how mindfulness can help us come to our senses by focusing our attention on the present moment, which with practice can help us restore a sense of calm and balance to our lives.

Mindful wine tasting also offers a new way of relating to our consumption and truly enjoying it with awareness. It will help you apply the principles of mindfulness to your daily life and learn to really savour everything you eat and drink, and to be in control of your wine consumption rather than it controlling you.

The event is open to all, no matter what your previous mindfulness or wine tasting experience.

Included in the price: wine glasses, wine buckets, ice, water, top quality small batch production wines / Wine Curation, wine & mindfulness presentation.



  • Kasia Olszko


  • 2h30


  • 1500€+IVA (de 8 a 25 pax)