Rewire your brain for success (SOLAMENTE EN INGLÉS)

To be an impactful leader, to keep inspiring and motivating others, we must learn to step back and renew our own resources. Burn out, lost sense of purpose and direction and ‘overwhelm’ are extremely common in an ‘always on’ and constantly changing modern reality.
In this intensive and experiential workshop you will discover the neuroscience behind our habitual thought patterns and behaviours. You will learn how to best modify them in order to be more effective, focused and creative. We will explore several powerful tools which enable leaders to make a serious impact in their field without being exhausted by the process. Learn more about resilience, positive outlook, mental clarity and authentic communication.
Empower others to be the best versions of themselves.



  • Kasia Olszko


  • 4H


  • 600€+IVA (max 25 pax)